Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vision eGo Clearomizer

I got something very cool... :-) I'm on my second day of vaping the NEW Vision eGo Clearomizer. Designed for eGo style batteries these hold 1.6ml of liquid and are perfect for 3.0v-4.2v e-cigs. The ones I am testing are 2.5-2.9ohms. Each one comes with a transparent drip tip that has an o-ring and the end is threaded.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Joye eGo-C

 The Joye eGo-C is Joyetech's 3rd generation eGo series. This design is the newest development offering a changeable atomizer system. The Changeable atomizer system makes removing and cleaning of the atomizer simple, quick and cost effective. You areable to use a dedicated atomizer for each flavor of your choice with out having to worry about mixing flavors. The new Technology of the eGo-C consist of an atomizer head, atomizer cover and atomizer base. The design is piratical and saves a ton of money in having to replace a broken or wore out atomizer.
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